Zombie Eye is a news/reviews/informational site by zombies for zombies.

What is a zombie? Well, we all know that popular culture refers to the zombie as a mindless killing/eating machine that craves brains. Although one cannot deny a connection to these folks, we see them as a distant second cousin (or a possible future Armageddon for humanity worthy of preparation), this is not exactly our definition of a zombie.

A zombie is everyone that spends too much time playing video games, watching movies & TV, reading comic books, and surfing the web. We are the ones that push the limits of the human condition & mind, shoving as much data in as possible to the point that we achieve the zen like condition known as the “Zombie Eye.”

Zombie Eye – A zen like condition indicated by red eyes & a glazed over look exhibited by one that strives to take in as much information as possible while getting as little sleep as possible.

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